Learn about the deep history and meaning behind the music of Spiritual Uprising, as well as Zonya's personal inspiration for creating the project, in this insightful conversation.

Before rehearsals began, Resident Dramaturg & EDI Coordinator Gina Pisasale sat down for an in-depth Zoom discussion with creator Zonya Love, members of the creative team, and local experts to get the full Scoop on Spiritual Uprising. Watch the video for a fascinating deep-dive into the global and enduring impact of Negro Spirituals, the particular connection between these songs and our region, unsung heroes of Black American music, and much more.

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Arreon Harley-Emerson, Director of Music & Operations at the Choir School of Delaware
Gina Pisasale
, Resident Dramaturg at People's Light 
Zonya Love
Spiritual Uprising Creator and Lead Performer
Steve H. Broadnax III
, Resident Director at People's Light
Dionne McClain-FreeneySpiritual Uprising Music Director