Spiritual Uprising, along with educational resources and live-stream conversations, is available free of charge for use in educational settings.

Close examination of this uniquely American music tradition reveals the human stories, values, obstacles, and specific given circumstances faced by enslaved Africans. With intimacy and candor, Zonya traces not only her own personal reflections on the past’s lessons, but also the music’s relationship to social justice struggles that continue today. We offer this concert as a bridge for students to connect the study of American history through multiple eras and into their own present day.

Educational tools include:

  • Written resources, including historical source material 
  • Discussion and writing prompts for pre- and post-viewing
  • Pre-recorded video interviews about this project and its history
  • Virtual Q&A opportunities with affiliated artists or experts
  • Post-performance reflection & assessment tools
  • Access to the People's Light education team

As we finalize these offerings, we’d love to plan around your own schools’ interest and needs — please don’t wait until April to connect. Request more information or next steps for your group by emailing Kathryn Moroney, Director of Education and Civic Practice, at moroney@peopleslight.org.

Are you working outside a traditional (virtual or in-person) classroom
, and not sure if your group qualifies as an educational setting? Please contact us to discuss options to serve your needs.

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