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America 2am
March 1 April 4
America 2am
March 1 April 4
March 1-April 4, 2021
Written by Zak Berkman, Candrice Jones, and Guadalís Del Carmen Directed by Abigail Adams, Steve H. Broadnax III, and David Mendizábal STREAMING
Follow the confessions and confrontations that unfold over late-night Zooms

Age recommendation: 18+ for mature themes, sexual content, and strong language.
Run time: About 30 minutes per episode.
One-time $15 purchase includes access to all episodes. 

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Amidst a neverending lockdown, what secrets, scandals, and salacious exchanges unfold at 2am? Each installment of this original anthology series lets you into the late-night Zoom conversations no one else was supposed to witness, with a new cast and storyline every episode. So, settle in, put on your headphones, and hack into America at 2am. 

Please note: We recommend America 2am for viewers 18+ due to mature themes, sexual content, and strong language. You might want to read the episode descriptions before deciding who to watch with. 😉

Episode 1: "Oh, Canada"
Streaming March 1 - April 4, 2021

A woman makes a monumental request of her ex-lover to save her troubled son.

Episode 2: "Leaving Teaching"
Streaming March 15 - April 4, 2021

To pay for her mother's medical bills, young teacher Cordae maintains a secret life online selling sex toys to virgins. Late one night, she’s surprised by a fan with a potentially indecent proposal.

Episode 3: "The Perilous Flight"
Streaming March 22 - April 4, 2021

In early 2021, two lovers and environmental activists differ radically over whether their next move is to disrupt or disappear. This episode is connected to Episode 1: "Oh, Canada" but can be watched on its own.

Episode 4: "Lucía and Sophi Moans"
Streaming March 26 - April 4, 2021

Sexually unfulfilled by her long-term boyfriend, Lucía turns to online persona "Sophi Moans" for help. Soon the two women get more than they bargained for.

Streaming dates subject to change 

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Cast and Creative Team
Cordae in "Leaving Teaching"
Allyson in "Oh, Canada"
Lucía in "Lucía and Sophi Moans"
Aaron in "Oh, Canada"
Miri in "The Perilous Flight"
Jayson in "The Perilous Flight"
Franklin in "Leaving Teaching"
Lilith in "Leaving Teaching"
Sophi Moans in "Lucía and Sophi Moans"
Writer, "Oh, Canada" and "The Perilous Flight"
Director, "Oh, Canada" and "The Perilous Flight"
Writer, "Leaving Teaching"
Director, "Leaving Teaching"
Writer, "Lucía and Sophi Moans"
Director, "Lucía and Sophi Moans"
Director of Photography & Editor
Intimacy Director, "Leaving Teaching" and "Lucía and Sophi Moans"
Production Stage Manager
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What's the Buzz?
"America 2am encourages viewers to become voyeurs and witnesses to private late-night Zoom conversations."
Broad Street Review
  • “What are these conversations that people might be having at two in the morning in America in the midst of a pandemic? And what if we married that question with this sort of soap opera idea of the secrets and scandals that might be occurring late at night?”

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