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Founded in 1974, People’s Light presents stories drawn from ancient times through tomorrow that have direct relevance to our communities and their concerns. For program and production history pre-2000, visit this page.

The Road to Mecca
By Athol Fugard Directed by: Abigail Adams
The Village Fable
By James Still Directed by: David Bradley Music Composed/Directed by: Michael Keck
The Adventures of Pinocchio
By Carlo Collodi Adapted from the Italian by Louis Lippa Directed by: Ken Marini Original Music Composed/Directed: John Lionarons
The Hope Zone
By Kevin Heelan Directed by: Stephen Novelli
The Diary of Anne Frank
By Francis Goodrich and Albert Hackett Adapted by: Wendy Kesselman Directed by: David Bradley
Afternoon of the Elves
By Y York Adapted from the novel by: James F. Pyne, Jr. Directed by: Abigail Adams
Dimly Perceived Threats to the System
By Jon Klein Directed by: Ken Marini
The Skin of Our Teeth
By Thornton Wilder Directed by: Tazewell Thompson