The music in our adaptation of A Christmas Carol aligns with the practice of carols sung during Dickens’ time. As the Christmas season changed from being uneventful to a major occasion for gathering and merriment in 19th-century England, singing carols – songs of joy and mirth that urged sociability and hospitality – became a widespread practice. Songs from various eras, traditions, and locations were quickly added to the seasonal repertoire you may recognize today. These included revivals of medieval carols, folk songs that combined Christmas myth and tradition, and new carols – both religious and secular. They were meant to be easy to sing and to bring cheer, making them popular in fashionable salons as a sign of a proper education, as well as on street corners sung by hungry children seeking spare change or a warm room.

All the music in this production is sourced from these traditional holiday carols and 19th-century folk songs. Some are mash-ups of a classic carol with an original composition. Some use the melody of a carol with new lyrics. Some are inspired by the concepts or chord progressions of a traditional tune. There’s sampling, remixes, and re-arrangements throughout. Scroll for the full song list, including sources of inspiration!