Nadira Beard


Company Member since 2017. People’s Light: Nadira began in a Project Discovery Program residency in 1990, and she is an original member of the New Voices Ensemble (1991). She is now Resident Teaching Artist and Program Director of the NVE and has written and directed The Beat of Pols, Some Days Are Never Forgotten, Y, I Love You, Where You From?, My Dear (adapted to Zoom during the pandemic), and Living History with the ensemble. Most memorable productions as an actor are A Midsummer Night's Dream (NVE), Peter Pan (PL), Project Dawn (PL), and Our Town (PL). Theatre Includes: Tell ‘Em Bout Me (Widener University Theatre and Film Festival, 2017). Recipient of the 2015 Coleen Toohey Porter Emerging Artist Award by The International Performing Arts for Youth Showcase.