Now that you’re familiar with the two stories that were mashed together to create Little Red Robin Hood, let’s introduce you to our eclectic cast of characters!

Amelia, a.k.a. Little Red Robin Hood

The young heroine of our panto. The forest creatures nickname Amelia “Little Red Robin Hood” because of her red cloak and how she reminds them of their long-lost savior, Robin Hood. She is a strong-willed, fifteen-year-old orphan with a knack for archery and a determination to save Sherwood Forest.

Maud a.k.a. The Granny in the Woods

The Granny is a classic character from Little Red Riding Hood, but Maud is much more than a wolf's dinner. She fights side-by-side with Little Red against a greedy villainess, inspires the whole forest with her letters to the editor, and is the dame of this panto! What’s a dame, you ask? In basic terms, the dame is the beloved matriarch of any panto, and is always a drag role – think Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire.

Lady Nottingham

Unlike Maud and Amelia, Lady Nottingham doesn’t have a direct fairytale counterpart. She’s the villain of our story and is a sort of combination between Prince John from Disney’s cartoon Robin Hood and Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones.


The big bad wolf of our story isn’t really that big, and truly isn’t that bad, either. Lupo gets caught up in a bad crowd working for Lady Nottingham, but doesn’t want to eat Little Red or her Granny like in the original tales. He serves as more of a narrator in our version.

Matilda a.k.a. Maid Marian of Merion

You may know Maid Marian as an adorable fox from Disney’s cartoon Robin Hood, but in our retelling she’s a woman determined to keep her late husband Robin Hood’s legacy alive. During the first half of our story, she bravely works undercover for Lady Nottingham using the alias “Matilda”.

Friar T.O. (Tuckered Out) a.k.a. Friar Tuck

Another classic Robin Hood character, this merry man has retired from adventuring and is living under the alias “Friar T.O.”. At the beginning of our tale, we see Friar Tuck looking after Amelia and serving as her mentor/father figure.

Rocky the Raccoon, Bert the Beaver, and Skippy the Chipmunk

As in any panto, we have some furry friends among our cast of characters. Rocky, Bert, and Skippy are creatures of Sherwood Forest and hang out with Maud in her cottage. These fun-loving, zany, human-sized characters help move the plot along by assisting our heroes in their plan to take down the evil Lady Nottingham.

Floyd Flynn Finkelstein

Another character that doesn’t have a fairytale counterpart, Floyd is the editor of the Nottingham Gazette. In our 1940s/medieval crossover world, he embodies a fast-talking character you’d see in an old black and white film.

The Ancient Oak

A quiet character, but an important one nonetheless. The Ancient Oak represents all of Sherwood Forest and, on a larger scale, the planet on which we live. This tree reminds us all to have compassion and respect for mother nature.

Little Red Robin Hood closes January 5. Don't miss this crew's zany, musical-mayhem-filled adventure – learn more and get tickets here!