“We loved Sweat! Both thought-provoking and emotionally affecting. Great script and fabulous acting!”

“This helps me understand a lot more why there has been so much tension in recent years... thank you.”

“The acting was amazing. The stage set supported the drama without being distracting. The lighting was perfect. Kudos to all!!"

“I saw this on Broadway, and this was just as good. Phenomenal.”

Sweat had your best ensemble cast since Morning's At Seven, even more notable for featuring 5 newcomers to People's Light. The entire production was mesmerizing and memorable. Hats off to all involved!”

“About as great as theatre gets, that was amazing.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed the show. The cast was flawless; everyone fit their roles perfectly. The play was beautifully written; it flowed in the most natural way. Excellent job by all!”

“Each character was superbly played and utterly genuine in every situation. The small theater was perfect to enable us to feel involvement in the action, sympathizing with the characters at every turn. The ending was incredible and left us feeling numb and sad. We both agreed it had been one of the best, well acted and directed plays we have ever attended. Thank you for deciding to run the play, to the director and cast for a truly memorable experience.”

“Saw Sweat last night. Incredible. Powerful. Amazing performance. Am still thinking about it. Congrats to all and thank you for an amazing experience.”

“They couldn’t have been cast more perfectly, it was incredible.”

“It brought out so many things I’ve been feeling for many years.”

“The play Sweat was fantastic and a wonderful depiction of the times as they changed in our recent past. I lived in Reading, PA in the early 70s... This play and its actors truly portray the anger and desperation felt by those affected by the coming wave of change to American industrial development or decay. They presented a gut-wrenching portrayal of the American workforce and gave us a peek into the lives of the factory workers across America. Wonderful production, very well done.”

Sweat was an intense experience for us, with its raw passion, pain, disappointment, disillusionment. It well reflected what has been happening across the country. The performances by all the actors were excellent.”

"Very powerful and realistic."

“Another thought-provoking play masterfully done! This is a sad and somewhat shocking statement of middle class America that could’ve been set in any time over the last 50 years. I could relate my own circumstances to this play. Well done. 👏”

“All we can say is fantastic. I don't think we ever have been to such an intense and emotional production. The performers were so real and captured the personalities of their subjects so well. We grew up near Reading. It was the hub of our young lives... so you can see how the production hit home with us. Thank you sooooo much for bringing Sweat so close to us. A wonderful performance!!”

“That was awesome, definitely worth it. I haven't seen theater in a long time and I'm so glad I came to this, thank you.”