"My first thought at the end was that I wished we'd caught a matinee so we could see the evening show too. WOW. FANTASTIC cast, everyone. Gorgeous design work on all fronts, executed just so well. GO SEE THIS SHOW."

"At this point I could probably write an essay about why the song 'Craving of Me' is so poignant to me, and why this musical is SO important. I seriously can't recommend Such Things as Vampires enough."

"Outstanding show even to us jaded theatergoers.”

"Vampires rock! Great energy, showmanship, music, lighting and sound. Take it to Broadway right away!!!"

"This may be the best show I have ever seen at People's Light and I have been a season ticket holder for many, many years!” 

"Superbly creative. The cast did a job above outstanding."

“See this! There’s nothing else like it in the suburbs. My family and I enjoyed it a lot - it’s scary, passionate, loud, and very unique. I'm excited to come back at the request of two queer teens. Representation is everything."

"I enjoyed every second of this show."

“An astonishing piece of theatre with a killer score! If you’re in the Philadelphia area and consider yourself a theatre artist you have a duty to catch this one.”

“I truly want to see the show a 2nd time… it’s so good, so invigorating, and so important. This show deserves so much success.”

"A queer folk-punk take on Dracula was everything that I probably subconsciously knew I needed but never saw realized until now."

"Loved it and so did my reluctant teen! Extremely talented cast and very rock and roll!”

"Get to Malvern to see Such Things as Vampires. It rocks, it challenges, it moves and surprises." — singer-songwriter Jonatha Brooke

"The show was absolutely amazing and so inspiring!"

“I really enjoyed this production, although I assure you I only saw it as part of a season subscription. Vampires/ horror genre do not normally interest me at all. What I did see was an edgy, inventive performance full of excellent voices/ acting/ musicianship/ storytelling/ staging and lighting with a great message. I will think about this message for a long time. Well done! For me a 10/10." 

“The show was fantastic! Such talent!!! Loved the music!”

"I could easily see this performance getting a cult following. The transition from music performance to theatre and back and the performers switching instruments and costume was seamless."

"Oh my gosh, as a queer person, seeing this show – from the gender play to 2 girls kissing – warmed my heart and soul so completely."

"I highly recommend this. Powerful, passionate.... new take on an old tale and I loved it. Fantastic cast. Go see it."

"Riveting, creative, and engaging! The actors were wonderfully talented musicians, and the play was refreshingly innovative."

"This show, in a word, rocks! It's very cool, at the right place, in the right time. I highly recommend that you see Such Things As Vampires at People's Light.” 

"People's Light has done it again - you folks ROCK."

"I hope that everyone within a 100 mile radius comes to see it. I was so excited to see other androgynous people onstage!"

"Those 6 actors/musicians were the most talented group!! It was entertaining, suspenseful, music was awesome — one of the best plays I’ve seen at People’s Light."

"Tell the cast and crew that there are 2 lesbians in the lobby shaking because they loved it so much."