We welcome all ages and abilities to our Relaxed Performances, but we recognize that everyone responds differently to serious themes and potentially mature content. Instead of a strict age recommendation, we provide the following content advisory so you can make an informed decision about attending Nina Simone: Four Women.

This play is a work of fiction, but takes place in the aftermath of the real 16th Street Baptist Church bombing, which killed four young Black girls in 1963. The tragedy is referenced throughout this production.

This production also contains:

  • References to racial and sexual violence

  • Racial slurs

  • References to prostitution

  • Mild adult language

  • Makeup that simulates an injury

  • Theatrical haze

  • Dispelling of childhood myths

  • Sounds of rioting

This list is subject to change throughout the rehearsal process, but we will have finalized and detailed information about content and context available closer to the Relaxed Performance date in the form of comprehensive pre-performance materials. Please reach out to Marcie Bramucci (bramucci@peopleslight.org) if you have specific questions about age appropriateness or content.