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the 2018/2019 Season

Folk-punk vampires, fierce heroines, and Civil Rights icons fill the stage with a rich diversity of stories and characters.

20 Sep—31 Oct 2018
Such Things as Vampires
"Imagine Bram Stoker in a blender with Riot Grrrl Feminism"
14 Nov 18—06 Jan 2019
Cinderella: A Musical Panto
"A dazzling theatrical experience"
16 Jan—17 Feb 2019
"SWEAT benefits immensely from the intimacy of the Steinbright Stage, where the audience... feels as though it is eavesdropping."
27 Feb—31 Mar 2019
Nina Simone: Four Women
My skin is black, My arms are long, My hair is woolly, My back is strong...
10 Apr—12 May 2019
For Peter Pan on Her 70th Birthday
"We slept in our childhood beds that night. And that night I had the strangest dream..."
15 May—09 Jun 2019
A Number
"It may be the most riveting hour you spend" at the theatre.
26 Jun—28 Jul 2019
Mud Row
A new play from Tony Award nominee Dominique Morisseau
31 Jul—25 Aug 2019
Our Town
"A beautiful production"