“Run, don’t walk to see Skeleton Crew. Absolutely brilliant play and performances.”

“I saw the production of Skeleton Crew on Sunday, Father’s Day. Monday I was walking around thinking about Reggie, Faye, Dez and Shanita as though they were part of my life. I thought the intensity of the actors brought reality to their individual roles. I loved it!”

“So many outstanding aspects of this show… it is gripping, evocative, and genuine. Plus one of the best sets I have seen in a long time!”

“This show is FANTASTIC! So well-written!!! And so well-delivered! Don’t miss this!!!!”

“Raw, real, and incredibly well-performed.”

“Thought-provoking, real, amazing job by the actors, haven’t stopped thinking about it.”

“This was the first time in several years that we attended a performance at the Theater. My wife and I had the most wonderful experience! The actors were each extraordinary in their performance and the play itself was beautifully written. I speak as one who served as a Trustee of the Walnut Street Theater for 18 years… We look forward to seeing another performance at People’s Light!”

“Powerful story. Powerful cast. Might just be the best theater experience I’ve had yet (and I’ve had many) at People’s Light. The interaction of the actors is exceptional, and direction keeps pace with the story.”

 “I’ve been coming to this theater for twenty years and this is the best thing I’ve seen here. The script, the acting, just everything was phenomenal. I loved it.”

“Amazing performances. All of the strength and precision of the actors was so impressive. I wish I could take my theater students to this because it’s everything I want them to see.”

“This was just fantastic. Gripping, poignant, dramatic, heart wrenching, fabulous cast. Brilliant direction, incredible writing and of course unforgettable staging at People’s Light. An absolute must see!!”

“BRAVO!!! The acting was phenomenal and the emotional connection between the actors was absolutely spectacular! I will be seeing it again!”

“Screaming good authenticity! The actors are so real. For having worked many years in manufacturing it brought me 15 years back. Kudos as well to the decor!”

“Saw this play tonight, very powerful... the emotion that comes from the 4 actors is phenomenal! Sadly we are continuing to see history repeating itself in the struggle these players depict, to be heard, understood, respected. A great opportunity in our own back yard!”

“AMAZING!!!!!! <3 “

“We loved it!!!  All the actors were WONDERFUL!!! LOVED them all!! They did a MAGNIFICENT job!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!”

“Fantastic! Tonight’s show and The Mountaintop are my 2 favorite recent productions.”

“Saw this play this afternoon. It was incredibly well done. The actors were so good and the play itself was well written and very moving. I totally recommend this to everyone.”

Skeleton Crew was outstanding. We loved the story, the set, the interaction of the cast. The acting was superb. I've recommended it via Facebook to my neighborhood and the East Whiteland Community page. Well done!”

“Excellent production: Acting, Set, Costumes, Direction...ALL TOP NOTCH!!!”

“I loved Skeleton Crew. The acting was spectacular. Like a good book I did not want it to end.”

Skeleton Crew touched me greatly. The acting was superb, the story meaningful and timely, and the production excellent. I was raised by a union man, a railroad worker… please bring more plays like this to PL. Awesome.”

“Not only is Skeleton Crew a fine piece of writing, but the four actors were simply superb! I think the acting was among the best we have seen at PLT. The set was extremely authentic; most of the time we felt as though we were intruding on the characters’ conversations because they were so real in every way!”

“The production of Skeleton Crew was just OUTSTANDING! The ensemble work of the company was unbelievable - such wonderful, intense acting that we could truly believe and situations we've all encountered in our lives. Beautiful direction and a totally realistic set with great attention to details in the props, costumes, lighting, sound, and visual graphics. Everyone should see this show!! Another grand winner from PLTC - thank you SO MUCH!!!”

“Excellent show with four incredible actors! Reflects true emotion and human spirit in the face of adversity. Wonderful production!”

“I was at the Saturday matinee of Skeleton Crew, and that was some of the best live theatre I have seen in a while. Wow! After spending a decade in the professional theatre, I left to pursue a career as a priest in the Episcopal Church. That's to say that I'm judgy as all heck, and I absolutely LOVED this show. Such an important story for the world to hear today. Remarkable ensemble with not a single weak link. Gorgeous production values. I particularly was impressed with your sound design and use of projections. I cannot wait to see your next show. Please send my highest compliments to your entire team. Bravo!”

“What fantastic theater! Raw emotion. Fantastic acting, writing, production.”

Skeleton Crew was out of this world. Leaving the show awestruck. People’s Light and crew… amazing job. Go see it.”

“Couldn’t have seen a better show on Broadway.”

“This was my second time – I just had to bring my friends to see it. So good.”

“I’m so excited for Mud Row.”

“I have been coming here for years and this is by far my favorite show.”

“People's Light always does a great job, but this play is really exceptional in every way. It grabs you by the mind and heart and won't let go. Dialogue, set, actors - a magic and perfect combination. It was a privilege to be there.”


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