Join us on December 31st at 2pm! This performance also includes American Sign Language interpretation.

Theatre is for everyone. That’s why we love our Relaxed Performances, which offer a welcoming, safe, and judgement-free environment where you can be your fullest self. These performances invite and encourage individuals with - but are not limited to individuals with - autism, ADD, ADHD, dementia and sensory sensitivities to all take part in the joy of theatre. Join us in our shush-free zone!

Performance adjustments include:

  • Keeping the house lights on at a low level to facilitate safe movement throughout the theatre
  • Lower sound levels, especially for loud or startling noises
  • A reduction of startling and/or strobe lighting
  • The freedom to talk or vocalize during the performance
  • Limited crowds

Resources available during the performance:

  • Quiet spaces in our lobby
  • Fidget and stress sensory toys to borrow, as needed
  • Disposable ear plugs
  • Trained staff stationed throughout the theatre and lobby

Full details

We provide pre-show materials so you can familiarize yourself with our theatre and the show before arriving. These will be made available closer to the performance date.