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Auctioning the Ainsleys
October 14 November 8
Auctioning the Ainsleys
October 14 November 8
October 14-November 8, 2016
By Laura Schellhardt Directed by Abigail Adams Steinbright Stage
A family of auctioneers try to put a price on their past in an endearing, dark comedy.

The fast-talking Ainsleys can auction off an estate in a heartbeat. It’s been the family business since the siblings were kids. However, now it’s time to sell the auction house they call home and their own emotional antiques start to get in the way. Featuring Carla Belver as the family matriarch, Auctioning the Ainsleys is an endearing, dark comedy that begs the question - can you put a price on your past, and would you sell it if you could?

Cast and Creative Team
Carla Belver
Alice Ainsley
Brian Lee Hyunh
Teri Lamm
Annalee Ainsley
Jesse Pennington
Aiden Ainsley
Mary Elizabeth Scallen
Avery Ainsley
Julianna Zinkel
Amelia Ainsley
Laura Schellhardt
Abigail Adams
Luke Cantarella
Set Designer
Anne Kennedy
Costume Designer
Dennis Parichy
Lighting Designer
Karin Graybash
Sound Designer
Audrey M. Brown
Stage Manager
Mary Elizabeth Scallen
Zak Berkman
Line Producer
Charles T. Brastow
Line Producer