A visual poem celebrating Black healing, joy, and resilience, created by Carra Patterson and Ruffin Prentiss.

"This film explores the resilience of the Black spirit in a time when healing is needed most. We need a reminder that our existence is resistance. Just before the quarantine, we traveled to Virginia for a friend’s wedding. As COVID began to spike in the Northeast, we decided to extend our trip. We never would have dreamed we would witness the losses of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd in the fashion or timeframe that it happened, but it was also inspiring to witness the movement in Richmond. People came together to protest the confederate monuments that have stood in the city for decades.

We decided to make a film about how even in dire circumstances, it is possible to find comfort and peace in the simplest moments with loved ones. By our very survival, we have a chance to honor those we have lost.” – RUFFIN PRENTISS

Carra and Ruffin are a married couple based in New York City. As actors they have worked in theater, television, & film.

Black Joy
Created by: Carra Patterson and Ruffin Prentiss
Edited by: Omkar Girish Purandare
Voiceover by: Carra Patterson and Ruffin Prentiss

Carra Patterson
Ruffin Prentiss
Tatum Edwards
Taylor Edwards
TJ Edwards
Trent Edwards
Eric Fallen
Erin Fallen
Kenisha Fallen
Yolanda Matthews

Special Thanks To:
Del Edwards
Terrance Edwards
Delcenia Prentiss

“Passing” by Jakob Ahlbom
“Infinite Ripple” by Sangfriod
“Nocturnal Spirits” by Waltzing Mary
All music retrieved from Epidemic Sounds.