BONEZ is Barrymore Recommended! Here's what the voters had to say:

"This is the most innovative and beautiful play that I have seen in a long time. Kudos to bringing black horror noir to the stage in such a thought provoking manner. Powerful storytelling that centers the demon that feeds on toxic masculinity and tries to erase vulnerability and black boy joy. A play that ignores the white gaze and simply speaks to us about the nuances of being black, male identifying and queer."

"Bonez was captivating, and the technical elements were stunning and exciting. I'm usually not a fan of horror, but I would strongly recommend this show to everyone."


"I have already recommended this play to my neighbors! The production is alive! The script, the acting, the wonderful direction brought to life on an interesting set & powerful sounds. It lays bare a difficult subject, while entertaining us with songs, dance & delightful banter."


"This is a must see! Well written and executed. The story elements are relevant in today's world and noteworthy."

"This production was extremely insightful and was a topic that I personally have no experience with. It was well-written, directed well, and performed well."

More audience reactions:

"Saw preview last night and was chilled to the bonez with this production. Acting, directing, set and sound all theater at its best. Touch of August Wilson, I highly recommend Bonez."

"This is an extraordinary (new) play; excellent, profound, and well delivered dialogue delivered with perfect body language and nuance by four amazing actors. I was in the front row tonight and felt privileged to be a silent witness of this deeply emotional play. Very well done Steve H. Broadnax, III."

"I really enjoyed the play. I was very curious watching the developing drama how the writer is going to resolve it. Finale was unexpectedly hilarious. Even though the revealed problems of our society are very alarming I left the play in such a good mood. The other good thing is that the play is short! In pretty short time I got a turmoil of emotions."

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