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Nine Parts (Film)
January 30 February 12
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Uprooted after her father’s death during the pandemic, an Iraqi-American woman attempts to grieve at the site of the oldest Iraqi Church in North America. What starts in profound isolation becomes communal as Iraqi women, ordinary and extraordinary, come to her in spirit and ancestry with their personal stories of love and resilience. Together, they offer a celebration of the Iraqi female experience and an explicit warning—the divisions Iraq endured are not unique, Iraq is a bellwether for America now.

Nearly 20 years ago, 9 Parts of Desire premiered to widespread acclaim in London and Off-Broadway, later becoming a global theatrical phenomenon. Now, Raffo adapts her multi-award-winning solo play about Iraqi women for the screen and for our current time. From Baghdad to Flint, Michigan, Raffo transforms into a wide cross-section of Iraqi women in her inspiring exploration of love and grief within countries undone by division, violence, and loss. The screen adaptation streams only at ahead of the film's national release, which marks 20 years since the start of the Iraq War.

The stage play 9 Parts of Desire has been hailed as: 

"An example of how art can remake the world”
The New Yorker
"Powerful, impassioned, memorable"
The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal
"Warm and deeply felt"
The Washington Post
"Exquisite, passionate and penetrating"
LA Times

Recommended for ages 12+ for mature subject matter

January 30-February 12, 2023 Written and Performed by Heather Raffo Directed by Mike Mosallam Produced by Nilou Safinya Streaming
Cast and Creative Team
Writer and Performer
Nilou Safinya
People's Light Theatre
Executive Producer
Detroit Public Theatre
Executive Producer
Eyes Up Here Productions
Executive Producer
Bill Martin
Executive Producer
Sherri Kauk
James Codoyannis
Janna Emig