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Item Sponsorships

Play a key role in our Fall/Winter Series! Choose an item to sponsor — a prop, costume, scenic element, etc. — from the list below and help us get it on the stage.


On stage November 16-January 1 

A wholly original, world-premiere adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland comes to life in a whimsical musical adventure. Click on the links below to help us make the magic happen!


Mad Hatter yoga mat - FUNDED

March Hare yoga mat - FUNDED


White Rabbit's pocket watch - FUNDED

Queen of Heart's royal pjs - FUNDED

Queen of Heart's croquet mallet - $75

Magic book - FUNDED

Dad's glasses - $100

Alice's Wonderland map - FUNDED

Red Queen and Alice's sparkly red running shoes - FUNDED

Alice's school uniform - $125

Doormouse referee costume - $150

White Queen's baby costume - $150

Mad Hatter's hat - FUNDED

School bus - FUNDED

Cheshire Cat's costume - FUNDED

School locker - $350

White Queen's dress - $350

Queen of Heart's dress and crown - $500

Mad Hatter's tea table - FUNDED

Cheshire cartouche - $1000

For any questions about item sponsorships, please contact Jane Moss at or 610-647-1900 x102.