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Item Sponsorships

Play a key role in our Spring/Summer Series! Choose an item to sponsor — a prop, costume, scenic element, etc. — from the list below and help us get it on the stage.


Onstage June 17-July 13

Hailed by Variety as "over-the-top superb," Boo Killebrew's powerful, moving, and surprisingly funny play follows the heartbreak and hope of a family trying to mend amid harsh realities.


Kitchen table - FUNDED
The most meaningful conversations happen at a kitchen table. Watch this story grow around the table where meals, stories, and even fights will be shared. Sponsor the kitchen table from Lettie today!

Stuffed turtle - FUNDED
Sponsor a sweet plush gift and see how it comes into play!

Record (33) - $20 each

Help us create a record store on our stage. Fuel your nostalgia and sponsor one or more of the records used in Lettie.


True West
Onstage August 2-27

A finalist for the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, True West is a wry exploration of duality, masculinity, and the mythos of the American west.


Toasters (35) - $25 each

Hungry? Nothing like 30 pieces of toast to fill you up! Feed your interest by sponsoring one or more of our many toasters for True West. Why are there so many toasters? You'll have to come to find out!

Typewriter (5) - $250 each

Every story starts somewhere and this one starts on a beautiful vintage typewriter. Sponsor the birthplace of a fantastic story by sponsoring a typewriter for True West!

Keyboard - $1,500
The magic of a show is not complete without a score. Every note and every chord elevates a performance. Be a part of the beauty by sponsoring the new People's Light piano keyboard.



For any questions about item sponsorships, please contact Jane Moss at or 610-647-1900 x102.