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Item Sponsorships

Play a key role in upcoming productions! Choose an item to sponsor — a prop, costume, scenic element, etc. — from the list below and help us get it on the stage.


the ripple, the wave that carried me home
Onstage February 21-March 24

In this play that follows a woman named Janice, the daughter of prominent activists in the movement to desegregate swimming pools, we use a total of ten wigs for our actors! Wig and costume designer Jerrilyn Lanier Duckworth explains, "Wigs are so important to this story. This story is about time, so you can’t tell the story without the change in hairstyles – and you can’t have the change in hairstyles without the wigs. I hope the wigs in this play help audiences understand who these characters are, what kinds of lives they are leading and what they are fighting for."

A variety of materials can be used to make wigs, from synthetic fibers, to blends, to real human hair! The more real hair that is used, the more realistic the wig looks on stage—but just like real hair, wigs also need to be styled and maintained for every performance. On top of the initial cost of a high-quality wig, this all adds up to quite a lot. That's where you can help!

2 different wigs at $100 each - SOLD

1 of 2 different wigs at $150 each

2 different wigs at $200 each

1 of 2 different wigs at $250 each

2 pillows at $250 each


For any questions about item sponsorships, please contact Jane Moss at or 610-647-1900 x102.