From corporate matching to gifts in honor of a loved one, there are many ways to support the theatre. Find one that meets your unique needs.

Qualified Charitable IRA Distributions

  • For those nearing the age of 70 ½ who will have a required minimum distribution from their IRA, you may want to consider the tax advantage of a charitable rollover to a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization such as People’s Light. Speak with your financial advisor; call us for more information; consider the benefits! Here are some FAQ’s provided by the IRS.

Gifts of Stock

  • Gifts of appreciated stock owned for more than one year offer you tax advantages. To learn how to make a gift of stock to People’s Light, please contact Jane Moss, Director of Development at or 610-647-1900 x102

Planned Gifts

  • Learn more about Legacy gifts to People’s Light – help sustain the Theatre for future generations with a bequest or other estate gift.

Corporate Matching Gifts, PA-EITC Program, and Corporate Circle

  • Many corporations will match employees’ gifts 1:1 or 2:1, so your gift is doubled or tripled! Check with your employer’s benefits program.
  • Ask if your Pennsylvania employer participates in the PA-EITC (Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program), and would consider a win-win gift to the EITC-approved education programs at People’s Light. More information here.
  • Work for a local business? Our Corporate Circle program has great networking and entertainment perks.

Gifts in Memory or in Honor of a loved one, colleague, or friend

  • A thoughtful gift to People’s Light in honor or memory will be recognized with a letter to the person or family you choose to honor. Our web donation form offers a section to provide your “In Memory” or In Honor” information.
  • You may also choose to ask friends to contribute to People’s Light in lieu of gifts as you celebrate a personal milestone such as a birthday or anniversary. Please contact Jane Moss at or 610-647-1900 x102 to make arrangements.