Summer 2023 families and students shared impressions about their experiences in last year’s program.

Parents told us: 

“She’s ready to go back and continue learning. She’s more confident than we imagined.” 

“My son enjoyed writing time and he appreciated that he got to have input about what went into the performance. Thanks for a great theatre camp experience this year!” 

“My daughter had a lot of fun learning new things since she is a newcomer to theater. We were very happy and impressed with the camp. It was very well organized and well run. Teachers and staff were amazing and we had a really great experience. Thank you for lifting her spirits and making it a fun and engaging week for my 10 year old.” 

“It was amazing! My son had a tough few months leading up to camp and was not feeling up to a new experience. After the first day his whole attitude changed and he was so excited and engaged. It opened up a whole new world for him. The teachers and support staff were truly phenomenal. He was ready to sign up for next year before the second day of camp.” 

“My son had an awesome time with the camp and is still beaming with pride in their creation. I thought everyone did a fantastic job giving us info ahead of time as well as answering any questions along the way. It was an absolutely amazing opportunity for my son and we're both incredibly thankful he was able to attend. Words truly cannot adequately express our gratitude.” 

“She absolutely loved it! She loved the teachers, the activities, and the other campers. The number of campers in this session seemed good. Big enough for there to be a variety of kids but still small enough where everyone seemed to get to know each other. We will likely do this camp again next year.” 

“Every day she comes home and rates her day a 10 out of 10!  It's her first time doing the camp and she loved it.”  

“Thank you.  You guys have opened his eyes to something new.  He was anxious from the start but it quickly turned to excitement and can’t wait until next year.” 

“My daughter loved meeting new teachers, friends and being on stage! We would love to continue our relationship with Peoples Light. You all did a fantastic job. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.” 

2023 student participants told us: 

We did so many different things and they encourage you to step outside your comfort zone. Thank you! – 2023 participant, age 10 

This program brought out the best actor in me! At first, I was nervous because I didn’t know anyone there. But, everyone was so welcoming and kind and I gained sooo many friends. If you are wondering about trying SummerBLAST, I totally recommend it! I wouldn’t change anything about this camp because it taught me so much more about being an actor and how much fun it can be! – 2023 participant, age 13 

I think that SummerBLAST has made me a lot better actor than I was. – 2023 participant, age 11 

It wasn’t just about a script. We played games that were not only fun, but also improved our acting skill. Thank you, People's Light! – 2023 participant, age 10 

This program brought out the confidence in me. It was super fun! I loved making friends and the teachers were awesome! And I love acting! I hope I can come back. – 2023 participant, age 10 

Fun, never a dull moment. I just really enjoyed the entire experience. – 2023 participant, age 14