We answer some of your most commonly asked questions here, but the education staff is always happy to discuss particular interests or needs that will help your planning.

Please feel free to reach out to ArtsDiscovery@peopleslight.org or 610-647-1900 x 187


How much experience does a participant need? 

Summer Studios welcome everyone: from a student who has never set foot onstage to someone already aspiring to a theatre career. Previous experience isn’t nearly as important as being willing to work with the people in the room, share ideas, and take some creative risks in a supportive space. We don’t assume what anyone will or won’t have done before; we form an ensemble and progress together through activities and exercises that help to develop every actor’s personal best work.


How do I know if this program is a good fit for a particular young person? 

This program can be a good fit for any young person who enjoys telling stories, likes being part of a team, likes to look at problems creatively, and – for the two- and three-week sessions – is interested in making and performing a new play this summer.


Will you do a show? What play or musical will students perform? 

In our two-week and three-week sessions yes: we will do a show! The students will work in collaboration with each other and the teaching artists to create an original piece of theatre. We will use existing stories, plays, or other sources as inspiration while we are working. Please check each session description to find the timing of the culminating performance.

The one-week sampler session “Theatre Toolkit” has a final gathering on the last day, but the participants in this session do not create a theatre piece.


How big is the program? 

Each session will include a maximum of 24 students. Students will work with the full ensemble and also in smaller groups over the course of each day. Individual attention and feedback is a foundation of our work.  


Are discounts, scholarships, or payment plans available? 

Yes, you can read all about those options here. Full and partial scholarships are available, as well as a household and referral discount and payment plans.


Is it possible to enroll in part of the program but miss some of the dates? 

Different length sessions have different timelines and goals, but in general we expect full attendance. We understand that navigating summer schedules can be difficult. Sequential theatre activities require the commitment and ideas of the entire ensemble, so it’s crucial that we have everyone present, including for morning warm-up and closing of each day. If you think you might have a conflict date, we ask you to communicate as soon as possible so we can plan for the absence. If you think you would miss more than two days of the program, the session unfortunately might not be the right fit for you this summer. 


Is lunch provided? 

No, lunch is not provided. All participants must bring a lunch that will stay cool for a few hours, labeled with their name.


Can I enroll my child in an older/younger group than their current grade level? 

We design our programs and activities toward specific grade levels, and recommend students enroll within the cohort matching their grade. If you have questions about a child’s specific skills or learning needs, we invite you to please contact us. 


Are there options to focus on design or other elements of production instead of acting? 

Performing and acting is a core element of all the 2024 Summer Studios. The story-building process leads towards all students having equal performance roles in the final sharing. One 2024 session, the Theatre Toolkit includes master classes in additional theatre disciplines, including playwriting and design.

In the future we may add new Summer Studios which are specifically focused on areas such as design. You may also wish to contact our education staff about job shadowing or career exploration opportunities; these are alternatives to learn about behind-the-scenes roles in the theatre from our professional staff.


Would it be better for my child to be cast in a summer production than participate in a Summer Studio? What is the best experience or credit for their resume? 

Obviously we love theatre productions, and being in a show is usually a terrific experience! However, an educational environment like our Summer Studios gives an opportunity for feedback and growth beyond the scope of just one production’s style or characters. Most artists benefit from a mixture of theatre classes and production experiences to develop their range and ability to stretch into future projects.

Those of us who work with and cast young people are always impressed to see that a student has pursued training to develop their own unique skills, and even more so when they have worked with professional colleagues. People’s Light is a company with both a local and national reputation for excellence, one of only 6 LORT (League of Regional Theatres) theatres in the state of Pennsylvania. The high standards we have for all the theatre we produce is reflected in our educational programs and teaching artists as well.