Summer daily drop-off begins as early as 8am, and pick-up extends to 5:30pm. Add extended day for your entire session, or for individual dates as needed. 

Mornings only: early drop-off 8:00-8:45am (8:00-9:15am for Performance Lab)   
$25 per week 

Afternoons only: late pick-up 4:15-5:30pm (4:45-5:40pm for Performance Lab) 
$25 per week 

Mornings and afternoons  
$40 per week 

Single day coverage 
Morning, afternoon, or both 
$10 per day 

Do you need to review the schedule for your program?

For all programs except Performance Lab: 

8:00-8:45am Extended Morning
8:45-9:00am  Regular drop-off window 
9:00am-4:00pm Program hours
4:00-4:15pm  Regular pick-up 
4:15-5:30pm Extended Afternoon 

For Performance Lab: 

8:00-9:15am Extended Morning
9:15-9:30am  Regular drop-off
9:30am-4:30pm Program hours  
4:30-4:45pm  Regular pick-up 
4:45-5:30pm Extended Afternoon