In Resident Dramaturg Gina Pisasale's house, Euna and Noah stay in one place for just long enough to watch David Lutken's Porch Song rendition of "This Land is Your Land" – instruments in hand!

Domestic Blitz is a series of dispatches from parent-artists around the country juggling domestic immersion with creative aspirations. People's Light hired these artists to submit haikus, recipes for sanity, short essays, songs, sketches, video cries for help, you name it – whatever gives a snapshot of their current experience in perpetual proximity to their loved ones.

An Ode to Carbohydrates
By Jennifer Childs

Sour cream biscuits and cardamom carrot cake
Molasses ginger cookies and lemon melt-away bars
Blackberry lime coffee cake with tahini
Leek and goat cheese quiche

I wish I was doing more juicing and less baking.
But now is not the time for kale my friends.
It is the time for puff and choux and hot water crust.

The recipes are so precise
The science is so exact
It is delicious math
As I measure and pour and stir I am, for a moment, in control
I follow the steps and know exactly what to do next
And I know that at the end of the process everything will be fine
Any mess that has been made can easily be cleaned up
There will be something that smells and tastes wonderful
And I will be able to feed my family
And right now that kind of hope is what I knead.

is the co-founder and artistic director of 1812 Productions, and rocked our stage in 2018 with her powerhouse one-woman show, I Will Not Go Gently. Current projects include developing a future People's Light panto with Alex Bechtel, putting on pants for virtual 1812 events, and like many of us, filling her kitchen with baked goods.

If you're running out of ideas for new culinary creations in quarantine, here are some of Jen's recent favorites:

Cardamom Pistachio Carrot Cake
Sour Cream and Onion Biscuits
Blackberry Tahini Yogurt Cake


JUSTIN JAIN is a prolific Philly theatre artist and Wilma HotHouse Company member who has made several appearances on our stages, most recently in Shakespeare in Love. He's back for Domestic Blitz in a very different role, a far cry from the dastardly swordfighting aristocrat Lord Wessex – with a very special guest.



Phone Poem
By Bess Wohl

My daughter's second grade class did a unit this year called Spotting Poetry. The idea was to create found poems, to find poetry wherever the kids could spot it. This entire poem was found in my phone. Every line of it comes from my own text message history, beginning in early March. I only used texts written and sent by me so as not to violate the confidence of others, and I tried to put them more or less in chronological order. I used whatever jumped out at me, whatever I spotted. I offer this in the hope that it may help others find poems in unlikely places.

have a bad cold
I still have a cold
I feel like NYC is going to be on lockdown next week

just please try to stay calm
I'm getting salmon

this virus situation is bananas
basically he thinks in a week NY is going to be Italy
check out the NYT home page today
i mean it's not good

Come over anytime
We are here
All the essentials
I can't tell if I have corona or if my kids are killing me.

We are all Tom Hanks

I am so sorry
Now school is closed until March 27

How's ur mom
How are your parents
How ru parents

i really think I just have a cold but of course paranoid

Peak virus in 45 days
This is gonna go on for a while
I am not gonna make it

it's better to get it early while there are still ventilators avail

trying to figure out where to go

Oh Jesus

Decided to self-isolate
We are totally isolating
We are just holed up
I have to say... it's a lot

I mean they're saying that school will not come back at all this year
should we do a zoom party

when she left to get the chili i was hoping she had gone to kill herself
every morning i wake up and i'm like was that a dream
what are you guys doing all day

no help
trapped inside
oh no

can you find the baby

dying to talk to you
dying in general

Also: Indigo Girls

i really apologize
sorry for being fucking distracted

realized after I got home the pebble in my shoe
was actually a piece of glass in my foot

what the fuck is she mad about

she wouldn't take tylenol so i mixed it in ice cream
and then she threw it up
and then she ate cheddar cheese goldfish and i was like let's watch a movie

it's a mystery

What's happening in your world
I am so sorry about your mom
I wish I could hug you and drink with you

How do you get groceries
What does the internet say
How was your day
You mean the purple dinosaur

I just spent 3 hours making a sweatshirt into a stuffed seal


We're just here indefinitely

well yeah that too 

is an acclaimed playwright and screenwriter whose work has been produced around the country, from New York to California. In 2013, her play Barcelona premiered right here at People's Light, directed by Jackson Gay.


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