Through artistic and civic practices, People’s Light aims to provide a wide and thoughtful welcome to patrons, artists, staff, students, volunteers, and guests of all backgrounds and identities. 

We recognize that systemic injustice and inequity are deeply ingrained in our society. As we continue to identify ways in which we have participated in and benefited from these larger systems, we commit to projects, initiatives, and ongoing conversations across the organization that address inequities at People’s Light. We acknowledge that this work will constantly evolve, and we will evolve with it. 

Our work necessarily involves deep vulnerability; safety and mutual respect are paramount. We commit to infusing the ideals of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion within all levels of our interpersonal, artistic, and civic engagement. At People’s Light, the terms Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion are endowed with the following values: 

  • We believe that Equity is the condition that ensures the safety, wellbeing, respect, and just treatment for all. Working towards Equity is the charge to dismantle and undercut systemic injustice. 
  • Diversity is the recognition of individual differences. These differences can be marked along sociological dimensions such as race, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, language, religious belief, political belief, and socio-economic background; and institutional dimensions such as organizational structure, hierarchy, and tenure. 
  • Inclusion is the active, intentional, and ongoing effort to ensure equal access and a sense of belonging for all members. This work includes continually reckoning with how implicit bias affects our everyday interactions. 

We consider these three concepts distinct, necessary, and interwoven tenets of the work towards a more equitable organization. In broad terms, Diversity implicates the what, Equity is the why, and Inclusion is the how of this endeavor. It is vital for each term to inform the other for our efforts to maintain their rigor and greater significance. In all practices, we will continue to wrestle with the question of how to acknowledge our shared humanity while fully recognizing and valuing distinct differences among us.