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The Crucible, 2006

Peter DeLaurier

Member since 1981

Peter is an Artistic Associate at PLTC and has been with the Theatre since 1981. He coordinates the Community Matters program. His acting credits include Antigonus and the Shepherd in Winter's Tale, The Local Historian in Mr. Hart & Mr. Brown, Candy in Of Mice and Men, Kent in King Lear, The Director in Six Characters in Search of an Author, Sherlock Holmes (twice), Humble Boy, The Imaginary Invalid and The Giver; he also played Matthew Cuthbert with his late wife — company member Ceal Phelan — as his sister Marilla in his stage adaptation of Anne of Green Gables (which was nominated for the Barrymore Award for Outstanding New Play). Other PLTC productions include A Midsummer Night's Dream, Around the World in 80 Days, The Forgiving Harvest, Holes, Camping with Henry & Tom, A Delicate Balance, In the Blood, Once in a Lifetime, Sister Carrie and the international tour of Kabuki Achilles. He appeared in PLTC's remounting of Holes at the Academy of Music. Peter was nominated for the Outstanding Actor Barrymore Award for his performance in Man from Nebraska and won that award for the one-man show Underneath the Lintel at the Lantern Theater Company where he also played Uncle Vanya and in Heroes, QED and Skylight. He was nominated for the Supporting Actor Barrymore for Six Characters in Search of an Author and won for Kent in King Lear at PLT. He has directed at PLTC and the Lantern and at theatres around the country, serving as Artistic Director of New Stage Theatre in Jackson, MS. With Ceal and other friends, he co-founded two of Delaware's professional theatres: The Delaware Theatre Company (1978) and First Stage (1987). Peter has played Off-Off, Off- and Broadway touring shows; developed new scripts in converted cellars and done ancient stories in ancient Greek amphitheatres. Always, the most rewarding theatre making experiences are in a place like this, in which a company of artists makes plays for a community of which it is an integral part.

Peter would like here to remember his wife, Ceal Phelan who first performed at People's Light in 1980 and regularly acted, taught and directed at the company since 1989. She worked in regional theatres around the country and did her time in New York. Ceal directed at People's Light, the Lantern Theater Company and at colleges in the area. She was nominated for several Barrymore Awards. Ceal was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in 2002 and worked steadily throughout her illness. She died in February of 2013. Ceal is greatly missed by her friends at PLT. There is a flower and herb garden next to the theatre in her honor. Ceal is the recipient of the 2013 Barrymore Award for Lifetime Achievement.