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Professional Development

Professional Development for Educators & Workshops for Students

Looking for creative ways to engage students in your classroom, or to re-energize your entire school faculty and staff? Theatre is a powerful and effective approach to active learning. We offer professional development workshops for educators, as well as workshops for students that can be tailored to their unique learning community.

Location and Time

We offer workshops at your school or on-site at People’s Light. Workshops are meant to fit a 1-to-3 hour time slot, or a full day of in-service, depending on your school’s need. Workshop fees are assessed based on length of sessions, number of artists, and number of participants.

Standards Addressed

Theatre can be effective across all curriculum areas, whether you are looking for a kinesthetic approach to solving word problems or exploring photosynthesis, theatre makes learning rich and active experience for students. Teaching artists can also directly address and specific standards you select.

Participants and Numbers

K-12 teachers, administrators, staff and students, including special education, ESL and gifted/talented areas of specialization. Each workshop can accommodate approximately 25 participants.

Course Selections

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the workshops listed below, contact Wendy Bable, Producer for Arts Discovery Programs, if you would like to custom-design a workshop for your unique needs.

Building Cooperation and Trust

Are you interested in creating a classroom environment where students feel more at ease to participate and share ideas? Interactive theater exercises provide structures for students to engage in meaningful experiences and dialogue together. This hands-on workshop will demonstrate how the theater-making experience can heighten trust and stimulate dialogue with students:

  • getting to know you exercises

  • risk/trust exercises

  • group collaboration exercises

Improvisation in the Classroom

We know many teachers feel that student apathy is the most significant roadblock to learning. Through improvisation, students gain empathy by living in the worlds of stories and historical events, and experiencing situations from multiple points of view. Students are called upon to problem-solve an imagined situation while building a stronger sense of understanding and empathy for a character or situation. Improvisation is particularly effective for engaging reluctant or struggling readers in challenging texts, as well as building a more cooperative learning environment among students.

Shakespeare Alive!

Help your students to feel comfortable reading and enacting Shakespeare's texts with confidence. This very popular workshop focuses on incorporating the actor's tools of voice, body and imagination to explore and understand the text. Exercises include:

  • ensemble activities that build trust and enthusiasm for language

  • vocal exercises that enhance confidence in encountering the text

  • movement exercises that enable students to use their bodies to convey the emotion and action of a story

  • activities that lead to informal performance pieces in the classroom

On Your Feet: Strategies for Kinesthetic Learners

Teachers will learn a step-by-step process that encourages students to work cooperatively, expand knowledge of subject matter and present material in creative, visual formats. Learn a variety of physical methods for:

  • visually representing a story or text in tableau

  • understanding a text's mood, theme or characters

  • representing the chronology of a curricular subject

  • assessing understanding of curricular material

Leadership & Team Building

Looking to re-energize and re-focus your entire school faculty and staff? We know schools are under ever-increasing demands to deliver more results with fewer resources. Theatre and creative play workshops can help motivate your team and unlock their imaginations to help discover new solutions and share fresh ideas.

Contact Wendy Bable, Producer for Arts Discovery Programs, if you would like to custom-design a workshop for you and/or your students.