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Community Engagement

Our Commitment to Our Community

Our Arts Discovery Programs are deeply rooted in our desire to connect with the world around us. Theatre, by its very nature, is a community experience—it allows us to gather together in a shared place to witness a story; to live through the experiences of another person, and to share our ideas with our neighbors, our children, and best of all, complete strangers. Theatre has the unique ability to connect and unite people from infinitely different cultures and beliefs, and it grants us the opportunity to laugh together, to gasp in amazement, to sit in quiet wonder, and to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Though we love to have you in the audience for our shows, we hope to build relationships with the people in our community that span years, even lifetimes. We offer residencies to schools in Chester, Montgomery, and Delaware counties, free student tickets to shows through our Arts Discovery High School program, and we continue our twenty-year relationship with the city of Chester with The New Voices Ensemble. Our community inspires everything we do.

Ongoing Community Engagement Programs:


Arts Discovery High School

The New Voices Ensemble

2010-2011 Community Engagement Programs:

The Big Read

Engage 2020