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Buy a Commemorative Brick

Leave your mark with an inscribed brick at People’s Light!

Purchase an inscribed brick to be installed on one of the paths leading to the Main Stage at People’s Light, providing a lasting mark at the Theatre for years and years to come. Honor a friend or family member; commemorate a special memory at the Theatre; be poetic; be creative!

A tax-deductible gift of $250 assists the Theatre with our Arts Discovery education programs and allows you to designate an inscription on a 4” x 8” brick.

Brick donations will also be recognized with Annual Fund Benefits at the appropriate level.

Your brick can read however you like. Some examples of brick inscriptions are:

° “Break a Leg!”
° In honor of my mom, Jane Smith
° In memory of Joe Smith
° “Nice Shoes!” The Smith Family
° Thank you People’s Light from _______
° Name of your family business here
° Honoring a child’s teacher
° Quote your favorite playwright

To Download a brick form:
4" x 8" Brick Form

To buy a brick, please call or e-mail Megan Lea at 610.647.1900 x133 or