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2016-2017 Sponsorship Items

Check out these one-of-a-kind sponsorships for sale. Help make our season possible by supporting these specific items:

Note: All sponsors receive credit in programs this season unless you prefer otherwise; see special benefits below certain items.

Professional Development
Help send People's Light Wardrobe Supervisor Bridget Brennan to a Wig and Hair Dressing and Maintenance Certification Program!
DuPaul University in Chicago offers a comprehensive intensive course which will enhance Bridget's body of knowledge about maintaining the integrity of wigs and hairstyles during the run of each production. Help People's Light attain the highest level of expertise in this all-important aspect of costuming! Your support will help to pay for Bridget's course cost, travel, and housing. This has been a long-desired opportunity - you can make it happen!
($600) —3 of 4 sponsorships available>>>

Sleeping Beauty: A Musical Panto
This year's BRAND NEW Panto has a rock-n-roll theme, and we need your help to outfit the actors and stage with all the right stuff. Your support will help us move the needle on this production!

On-stage sound gear ($250) —1 sponsorship available>>>
A new Panto song by Sleeping Beauty composer Alex Bechtel ($300) —1 sponsorship available>>>
Candy for the traditional Panto candy throw! SOLD
Rockin' frock for the Dame
Receive a signed costume sketch by costume designer Nikki Delhomme and our very own Dame, actor Mark Lazar
($1,000) —1 sponsorship available>>>
A fabulous wig for the Dame ($200) —1 sponsorship available>>>
Eyelashes for the Dame SOLD
Combat boots for the Dame ($150) —1 sponsorship available>>>
Make a mess: the infamous "messy bit" needs a lot of careful development to keep things as funny, messy, and safe as possible before it hits the stage. The messy bit development sponsor is invited (along with a guest) to attend a "test drive" of the messy bit, in which the cast and production staff give it a whirl for the very first time! ($500) —1 sponsorship available>>>
Keep the mess going: 9 weeks of performances = a lotta mess! Sponsor a week of this "apeeling" messy bit (and that's all we're gonna say about it) and win our eternal love and devotion. ($75) —9 sponsorships available>>>
Crowns for the King (played by Tom Teti) and Princess Aurora (played by Ariana Sepulveda) SOLD

The Road: My Life With John Denver and Surviving Twin by Loudon Wainwright III.
Help support People's Light in bringing these music-filled productions to life.

Amplifiers ($400) —2 sponsorships available>>>
Wireless microphones ($700) —2 sponsorships available>>>
Sound monitors ($1,200) —1 sponsorship available>>>

The Matchmaker

Women's hats ($75) —4 sponsorships available>>>
Bowler hats ($175) —4 sponsorships available>>>
5 yards of ribbon SOLD
Recieve a signed costume rendering by costume designer Marla Jurglanis
($750) —3 sponsorships available>>>
High button shoes ($200) —6 sponsorships available>>>
Shaving supplies ($25) —8 sponsorships available>>>

Moon Over Buffalo

Cyrano costume for character George Hay (played by company member David Ingram) ($250) —1 sponsorship available>>>
Cyrano nose ($60) —1 sponsorship available>>>
Doors for slamming! ($200) —4 sponsorship available>>>
Drinks on stage - funny thing, real alcohol is frowned upon on stage, so our props department works very hard to create fake drinks that look authentic and taste palatable ($5) —Too many sponsorships to number...>>>

Artist transportation and Accommodations

Train tickets for New York actors throughout the season ($110) —18 of 20 sponsorships available >>>
Renovate an artist's room at the Farmhouse at People's Light - painting, new furniture, linens, and dishes ($1,000) —1 sponsorship available >>>

Sponsorships are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

For more information or to contribute over the phone or with a check, contact Jane Moss, Director of Development at 610-647-1900 x102 or